Every celebration has a history....
In the village Borima they say that Plum Festival has nearly 80 years of history. The beginning was announced by the village crier: "... Come on ... in Stafuns’ field at the plum feast. Grab some brandy and go to the feast..." And all people used to go to the Stafuns’ family’s field after harvest. It was reported how rich the harvest was, how many plums were dried, how much brandy was distilled in the distiller house. Then, the participants in the festival on the field headed to the center, where the mayor or the school welcomed with a festive speech the local participants and the guests from the district. Festivities began after the official part. Rural musicians played, people danced and sat at a long table, as everyone brought a "bundle" (table cloth), in which they wrapped homemade bread and homemade salad, everyone brought own cutlery, everyone had to bring brandy and glasses to treat the other people with his own crop.

The feast existed until 1949. Evidence for that give elderly people at age of 85 to 90 years.

Every holiday has a history... There are various theses for the holiday’s appearance and to whom the idea belongs. Because not the idea and chat about such holiday, but its implementation launches it. And that beginning we still remember and associate with the name of Margarita Koprinska, collaborator at National Exhibition Of Arts And Crafts - Oreshak.
For the first time from the green lawn of the exhibition 20 years ago, begins the today’s most Troyan feast - the Festival of plum and Troyan plum brandy - to create a good mood and emotions of the people in the whole community, as well as for the guests who on purpose select the destination for the holidays. The brandy’s glory started from this heavenly place more than one hundred years, and it is the place which stores, promotes and enables the development of people's material culture. The National Exhibition Of Arts And Crafts found in the idea for ​​the Feast Of Plum And Plum Brandy a good and successful effort to preserve the tradition. Because this major livelihood of the Mountaineers is actually a living heritage where the brandy, long time considered one of the emblems of the town and the region, moreover, growing plums even today has its place in the economic life and the life of people.

Several years later, the feast was held for the first time in Troyan, parallel to the attractions of the exhibition. As every feast, it brings anticipation and emotions and expand the circle of participants and supporters: the Municipality, Community Center "Science-1870" Troyan, Institute For Mountain Farming And Agriculture, Vinprom, Crafts Museum, community centers throughout the region. They create and build the feast, where besides the magic and romance of the preparation of the home distillate - a trademark of Troyan and Bulgaria, more clearly sounds the desire to keep alive the Bulgarian tradition and material culture, to preserve the spirit of the Balkan. Besides the attractions and the plum temptations, factors for this are the unique nature of Troyan, the Mountaineers’ spirit, folk art and crafts, and, of course, the rich feast programme that every year becomes richer and more comprehensive so as today to be able to call the holiday "Bulgarian Plum Festival" and with a project under the Operational Programme "Regional Development" financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund to seek its national and international sound. A tradition with taste, spirit and mood!



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