About the plum
Mulled brandy
Plum Brandy

The mulled brandy is prepared in a special container - a copper. Cold brandy is poured. The copper is put on the stove or in the embers of the fire. The flame should not “lick” the brandy because it ignites. Put some sugar to sweeten the brandy. Hold with preheated tongs a sugar cube over the boiling brandy. The sugar cube melts from the heat and turns into brown caramel which drips into the brandy. Stir well to get a nice yellow-amber color and the brandy to become very sweet and smooth.

Plum Folklore
Plum Brandy

"He pricked himself on a plum thorn." - Drunk.

"Brandy drinks, does’t not eat bread" - Sot.

"Forgive me for the wine, the brandy is over.

When and how to drink brandy
Plum Brandy

"We asked an old man of 85 with live and mocking eyes:

"When should we drink Troyan brandy?”

"Teacher, the brandy you can drink any time – at a christening for the infant’s health, to "forgive God" to the dead, for "welcome" and "good health" of the guest, on birthdays and name days, on holidays, at the conclusion of commercial transactions, on engagements and weddings, and every weekday - working or not, if a man longs to drink ... Look at me! - And he took tin pocket brandy flask out his waist band and treated me. "Drink for your health and fun!"

Treacle - village Borima
Plum recipes

Pour water enough to cover the plums without the stones.

Damson cheese - village Borima
Plum recipes

Boil the plums without stones until they are completely soft. Rub them through a sieve and put the mash in a thin layer onto specially a prepared for the purpose board.

Halva - village Borima
Plum recipes

Put some olive oil or butter in a saucepan or deeper frying pan and fry some cornmeal until it becomes golden. Allow to cool.

Banitsa - village Borima
Plum recipes

Pie with homemade pastry and nuts and sweetened with syrup syrup with treacle instead of sugar is also very tasty.


Damson Cheese (second type)
Plum recipes

Damson Cheese is fruit puree, boiled without sugar and dried afterwards.

Plum Jam (First type)
Plum recipes


Plums - 70 pieces
Sugar - 1 kg.
Citric acid - 1 tsp
geranium - 3-4 leaves
wallnuts or almonds - 70 pieces

Plum Jam (Second type)
Plum recipes


70 pcs plums
1 kg sugar
750 ml water
1 coffee spoon citric acid

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