About the plum
Plum Marmalade
Plum recipes


5 kg ripe plums
2 kg sugar
2 tablespoons apple vinegar
2 teacups water
1 packet of cinnamon
2 teacups walnuts
10 gr citric acid

Damson Cheese - Dry Fruit Marmalade (recipe from 1920)
Plum recipes

Choose the sweetest fruit. Leave them for 2-3 days to soften, then scald them and remove their skin and stones.

Plum Treackle And Cheese - 20 years later
Plum recipes

(Ghana Peykovska and her daughter Gena’s recipe from Dolno Trape)

Choose ripe, sweet plums, wash them and remove the stones. Boil in a large pot in which a bag of finely sifted wood ash (50 g) is placed. The bag is tied to the handle so as it can be removed. Boil the plums until they overboil and then remove the bag and strain the juice through a sieve. The damson cheese is boiled on slow fire until it thickens. Before it thickens, add rectangular pieces of pumpkin, which had stayed in lime water to harden.

Plum Chocolate
Plum recipes

Large plums are chosen and their stones are removed. Dry rather than fresh walnut kernels are put in their place. The drying is done in dry house – like the other plums.

Prof. Minko Rusenov said: "This is a Trojan chocolate!"

Plum Jam
Plum recipes

This jam is made from ripe and juicy fruits.

Plum Jam
Plum recipes

Ten kilos of plums are cleared of stones. Place in tray 4 kg sugar, 1 l. water, 1 water glass of vinegar, cinnamon - 2 sticks, and clove - 3-4 pieces. The sugar should melt and boil a little. Then it is poured over the plums in the pot. Put immediately a lid on top. This is done seven days in line.

Plum Marmalade
Plum recipes

Choose large, ripe and juicy fruits. Remove the stones and boil them. The boiled plums are grinded by a grinding machine or pressed. They are boiled to thickening along with sugar (for 1 kg plums use 0.5 kg sugar).

Plum soup
Plum recipes


600 g plums
crust of lemon, as big as the little finger nail
clove - three grains
small piece of cinnamon
60-80 grams of sugar
2 egg yolks

Sour Plum
Plum recipes

Select not quite ripe, robust and hard fruits. Wash them and place in jars, which are filled to the brim with (cold) water, to determine how much syrup will be needed.

Beef with prunes
Plum recipes


750 g beef
0.500 kg prunes
100 ml vegetable oil (1/2 cup)
1 onion
5 grams of red pepper (1 teaspoon)
10 g sugar (1 teaspoon)
salt to taste

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