Troyan Plum Brandy
Plum Brandy

Brandy (rakiјa in Serbian, cuika in Romanian, arak in Arabic) is a traditional strong alcoholic drink prepared in the Balkans. Originally the brandy is colorless, as it can acquire a yellowish to brownish color when aged in barrels or after the use of various additives. The taste is similar to the Italian grappa, Japanese sake, Russian samogon, Mexican tequila or American brandy. The brandy is repared by distilling of fermented fruit. The most common varieties are grape and plum brandy.

The industrial brandy (also called bought) is usually 40%, but the homemade one can reach 60%. The technology of preparation is simple, and and the materials (fruit, sugar and water) are widely available and relatively inexpensive. In winter the brandy is drunk heated (heated brandy). It is considered a national drink in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.



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