Monastery Burenovka
Plum Brandy

Early in the spring (early April) in large demijohns (15-20 liters) you pour aged at least one year pure brandy (42°-43°), as 2-3 liters volume of the demijohns are left empty to make room for the herbs.

Манастирска буреновкаМанастирска буреновка During the year you put variuos herbs in the brandy - no specific dosage, measure by eye.
At the end of October or in November brandy is tasted. If it's too herbal, the solution is diluted with brandy of the same degrees (42°-43°). The assessment is subjective - untill it pleases the trier.

The brandy is poured through a strainer from the demijohns into other vessels.

The resulting Burenovka tastes like a bouquet of aromatic substances from the spring to autumn herbs put into it. The Burenovka’s colour is yellow-green, amber-emerald.

Monastery’s Burenovka got extensive popularity after World War I, especially in 1930s. In government circles many spoke about the brandy - ministers, generals, senior employees who had visited the monastery.



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