Plum Folklore
Plum Brandy

"He pricked himself on a plum thorn." - Drunk.

"Brandy drinks, does’t not eat bread" - Sot.

"Forgive me for the wine, the brandy is over.

"He isn’t good even for a plum." – It’s not worth a bean.

"He will blossom like plum in autumn." – He won’t be any better for it.

'Willow doesn’t bear plums. "

"He looks as a dog at ripe plums."

"Are you keeping plum in your mouth that you don’t speak?"

"Brandy on credit, wine of faith."

"White Rada" - brandy; "Red Petko" - wine; "opopil se" - drunk;

Folklore of the Troyan Monastery – a song that brothers monks sing:
Rakiychitse, burgiychitse,
You open appetite
As a drill,
As drill bits.
The water is a washer,
the brandy – for drinking,
Holy Mother of God,
God, help
Amen, cheers ...
Who drinks will drink again ...

And another version:
Rakiychitse, le,
Burgiychitse, le,
You drill my belly as a drill,
You weaken my legs ...
You dizzy my head
You shut my mind,
You open my mouth, amen!

Among the Troyans brandy drinkers coexist two opinions when plum brandy should be boiled: right after souring the mash or several months later - in April or May next year. In fact, several factors exercise their influence here:
If you are out of brandy and you badly want to drink, distil it at once.
If you have much fruit, and not enough vessels, distil it to make space.
However, if the work is not hasty, you may delay the distilling till spring. Among other things, the brandy is better then.



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