When and how to drink brandy
Plum Brandy

"We asked an old man of 85 with live and mocking eyes:

"When should we drink Troyan brandy?”

"Teacher, the brandy you can drink any time – at a christening for the infant’s health, to "forgive God" to the dead, for "welcome" and "good health" of the guest, on birthdays and name days, on holidays, at the conclusion of commercial transactions, on engagements and weddings, and every weekday - working or not, if a man longs to drink ... Look at me! - And he took tin pocket brandy flask out his waist band and treated me. "Drink for your health and fun!"

p. 113

Cold or "mulled", the brandy is never drunk without appetizer. And for the brandy any appetizer fits - salad of onions, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers (in summer) and in winter - different pickles, sausages, jerky, sausages, dried fish. In winter for the "mulled" brandy most suitable is the sauerkraut, sprinkled with paprika. This is a Troyan specialty.

Кога и как се пие ракия

And an interesting true story from the temperance movement history in Troyan:
"In 1925, in the village Lomets a temperance society "Young sober" was founded. On 22nd July 1929, it held a referendum for closing pubs. The result was 115 "yes" and 7 "no". From 1st January 1930, the pubs were closed and the ban lasted for three years. But another misfortune occurred during that time. Drinkers-men went into the nearby village Dalbok Dol on weekends and drunk free until the next day, Monday, when they returned to Lomets. On this occasion, the women complained that with this referendum they had done much trouble banishing the men to go to another village’s pub. "

p 124



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