Bulgarian Plum Festival 19-22 September 2015
Friday, 03 April 2015 11:11

Bulgarian Plum Festival - 19-22 September 2015

            Troyan Municipality joined the competition for the award “European festival” with the Bulgarian Plum Festival. It is our genuine desire to popularize a unique for the region and the country tradition and to make as many people as possible familiar with the opportunities for cultural tourism and entertainment that our town offers. Our main goal is not just to preserve the spirit of the centuries-old tradition but also to upgrade the achieved by introducing innovative practices, including new audiences and creating a modern cultural product which will have not only cultural but as well social and economical value. We believe that our participation in the project “Europe for the festivals. The festivals of Europe” will give us the chance not only to pass our experience on other participants but also to obtain ideas and inspiration from their achievements.

            This year (2015) from 19 till 22 of September, at the Bulgarian Plum Festival Troyan Municipality will go beyond the limits of traditional artistic expression and will again break the conventional way of thinking and formats. We create new forms of self-expression, attract new audiences from all parts of the country, rely on new partnerships, open the limits between artists – professionals and amateurs, adopt new spaces as performance stages, produce new social effects of solidarity and identity, based on location, neighbourhood, town, etc.

            For another consecutive year we turn the existing celebration into an innovative event which creates and spreads cultural products that reflect the local identity, related with the growing and processing of the plum fruit as a part of the Troyan cultural life, i.e. we transform the traditional holiday into an innovational event that creates, spreads and produces unconventional cultural products – a new problem/interpretation of an already familiar topic has been introduced.

            Every year the event presents the problem connected with saving the environment when growing plum trees, interprets the topic of traditional production of plum brandy in the Troyan region in a new way, revives cultural traditions and rituals from the routine and means of living of the population through demonstration forms represented through forms of art (music, dance, theater, caricature, etc.), organizes eco and educational activities among the target groups.

            We attract more and more new audiences and there is also a change in the audience’s attitude towards the event.

            We give the opportunity for participation to young people, unemployed and disabled people (as an excluded group) by supporting their creativity of cultural products.

            Our audience consisting of passive viewers has changed and is now an active participant/performer in the held events. This supports the change and the way of consuming of the cultural product.

            The festival is a generator of an opportunity for economical and social development of the municipality, and increasing the attractiveness of the place – encouraging the local production of plum products, popularization as a place at national level for meetings of “brandies” (producers, traders) and meetings of plum product manufacturers (producers, traders).

            The event is in accordance with the Green book of the European commission “Unlocking the potential of cultural and artistic industries” and one of its aims is building new bridges between culture, art, science and business; it uses new experimental spaces, innovations and entrepreneurship in the cultural and artistic sector – new types of audience, distribution channels and consumer models, which is one of the accelerators of cultural artistic industry development. During the festival a round table is carried out on the topic: “The cultural potential of national and artistic crafts”. And this event was initiated after a research of the problems and needs of Troyan citizens about the cultural life in the municipality.

            The implementation of the present activity supports the fulfillment of the requirements of OPRD for realization of the sustainability measures.

The programme in September will include:
Folklore programme, concerts of dance formations, an open stage for amateur formations, brass music “Together”, folklore ensemble “Trayana” – Troyan, a youth night with the participation of instrumental bands and other surprises

During the festival:
Culinary contest – professionals and amateurs;
Plum-based cocktail contest;
Firing the still for brandy distilling;
Homemade plum brandy contest;
Traditional culinary temptations;
Round table on the topic “Cultural potential of national and artistic crafts”

 Every day:
Art workshops:
- ceramics;
- drawing and wood carving;
- work with natural materials;
- fabric decoration

 Street of crafts with works of national crafts from Troyan region and around the country

Stands with fresh plum fruit, dried plums, different jams, etc.

A permanent exhibition of plum growing and brandy distilling in the “Museum of National Artistic Crafts and Applied Art” – external exposition

An opportunity for participation in the game PLUM MEDAL FEVER!
You can visit the places from the “Plum league”, collect 10 stamps and you will get: a plum medal and a 10% discount ticket for a “Plum league” public place by your choice.




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