Wednesday, 17 June 2015 08:06

Troyan Municipality is proud to announce that, after the results from the pilot project of the European Commission Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe have come out, one of the town’s trademarks – the Bulgarian Plum Festival is now officially distinguished as one of the best festivals in Europe and is a winner of the prestigious quality label European festival for 2015/2016.

Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe is a new international festival platform connecting festivals, which are deeply engaged with arts, their communities and European values. The platform was created by initiative of the European Festival Association – one of the oldest cultural organizations in Europe with members from more than 40 countries, and helps consumers from all over the world receive access to festival information and participate in festivals in entire Europe. Most of all, the creators of EFFE recognize the major superiority of the festivals which have received the EFFE label in their local everyday work.

In 2014 hundreds of festivals applied for the EFFE 2015/2016 label and the evaluation criteria were: artistic value, active participation of the community and international and European perspective of the festival. Practically, the Bulgarian festivals went through evaluation and categorization in two stages, respectively by two teams of judges. First, our festivals were evaluated by Bulgarian judges set up by the Bulgarian Festival Organization (BFA) which is chosen for national contact point of the project, and then the selected ones in Bulgaria proceeded to selection by an international festival jury, which included experts in art, culture, business and political sector. The most innovative art festivals from 31 countries, among which is the Bulgarian Plum Festival, were chosen winners of the EFFE Festival label and prize.

All festivals, which received the EFFE 2015/2016 label, will be presented in an online multimedia guide, which will be also printed. The festival guide will include festival details, articles, facts and data.

The online edition will be ready in the summer of 2015. The festivals with EFFE label will be visually distinguished by a special logo that they will use in the period 2015/2016. The winner festivals will be praised at a ceremony in Brussels in September 2015.

As a part of the new international festival platform, the Bulgarian Plum Festival will acquire wider popularity and access to new audiences, new opportunities for realization of international partner events, it will present Bulgarian culture around the world, etc. And last but not least, this unique for our region celebration will become recognizable for its European Union partners and will receive acknowledgement for its exceptional artistic quality and public significance.



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