Institute of Mountain Agriculture and Livestock

INSTITUTE OF MOUNTAIN AGRICULTURE AND LIVESTOCK in Troyan was created by a decision No 6/17.01.1978 of the Council of Ministers. It is a direct descendant of the founded in 1910 State Fruit Nursery, later converted in Experimental Station of Plum Culture (1953), Experimental Orchards and Mountain Farming Station (1959), and Experimental Station (1962).

Институт по планинско животновъдство и земеделиеThis is the only unit in the Agricultural Academy system, authorized to solve complex issues concerning agriculture in mountainous and foothill regions. The solution of these issues is done together with the institute’s branch in Dryanovo.

The Institute and its Experimental station carry out research, consultations, implementation and production in the field of animal husbandry, horticulture and fodder production.
Projects for applying to domestic and foreign financing programs, funds, and other organizations are developed. Specialized courses and open days are carried out. Consultations on various matters are given. Soil samples as well as samples to characterize feed, milk and meat are studied. Seed, plant and breeding materials are produced.



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