VINPROM - TROYAN AD is a historical successor to the traditions in brandy distilling in the region of Troyan. It was founded in 1948 as a division of the state alcohol monopoly. The main activity was the production of Troyan plum brandy and apple brandy as well as the trade with them.

Винпром Троян АДFor the implementation of this activity it had a few well-equipped distilleries in various villages in the region and one commercial warehouse in the town.

In 1959, the company became independent and began modernization, as in addition to the traditional distillation apparatus, the first distillation column was installed. Due to increasing production and the need to improve the technology, in 1968 new, contemporary and modern enterprise was built, with processing capacity of 6,000 tons of fruit and aging warehouses with classical technology for 800 tons of brandy, which maintains and develops the brand "Troyan plum brandy" today.

In 1990, with the unbundling of the sector a state company "VINPROM - Troyan" was registered. Following several transformations, in 1997, a limited company "VINPROM - Troyan" through mass privatization was registered.
In 2007 the majority share in the company was bought by the largest European manufacturer of fruit distillates, the Czech company "Rudolph Jelinek".

"VINPROM - Troyan" AD is a national leader in the production of natural fruit distillates and brandies. Troyan plum brandy is the strongest Bulgarian brand. Preserving the tradition, the company maintained to keep the dominance of the plum distillate, which is over 90% of the total production. Except plum distillate, the company produces apple, apricot, cherry and pear distillates.



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