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Summary – 25th of September

And Tuesday is also gone.

Sunny, breezy and full of excitement. The first workshops for the day started, and there were a lot of people willing to take part and learn something about the traditional Bulgarian craft arts. Meanwhile we enjoyed music and funny games. Young enthusiasts eager to demonstrate skills were too many, that they could hardly fit the scene. The studio “Retro-photo” worked so hard, and as evidence a lot of people dressed up in Renaissance and Baroque costumes could be seen in the middle of the square.

Festival - 25th September 2012
Details regarding culinary competitions and competitions for best plum brandy

Details regarding culinary competitions and competitions for best plum brandy Dear chefs and masters of plum brandy,

There are still a few days left until the culinary competitions – the delicious part of Bulgarian Plum Festival! We want to clarify the following key points:

Summary – 24th of September

Another day in a row with Bulgarian Plum Festival in Troyan.

The exhibition “Caricatures and anecdotes about the plum and plum brandy” is opened. We enjoyed beautiful pictures and laughed with the authors’ writings. If you want you can visit the exhibition every day on the first floor at the Community Center “Nauka 1870”. Previously we worked hard on carving, studied ceramics and working with natural materials at the workshops. This is the moment to mention Emil Peykovski, who gratuitously donated materials, thanks to which the ceramics studio worked endlessly, intriguing small and large.

Then we walked down the craft street and had some plum menu, and then passed through “Retro-photo” to take a photo that keeps the memory alive. We watched thematic film-shows and enjoyed great photos in the Hall of the municipality.

At the evening dance group “Ha, za zdrave” gave a free lesson for traditional Bulgarian dances on the central square.

Even though we were tired due to the afternoon activities, we were impatient for the next day.

Festival 2012 - 24th September 2012

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