After a slight delay and a lot of work, finally you can watch the movie dedicated to Bulgarian Plum Festival on the web page of the festival. Get the popcorn, make yourself comfortable and prepare to get back in time, because this movie recreates the whole festival and shows the most joyful and the most solemn moments. Shoots taken during the event will captivate you with their simplicity and artistic characters of the participants and with the great mood of all of You, viewers and audience, who made autumn edition of the Bulgarian Plum Festival so memorable.

In this movie everyone will find something about himself to cheer him up, and artists will be inspired for new ideas and achievements to show at the spring edition of the Festival, which by the way is going to take place within 22nd - 27th of April 2013.

Waiting for you in April to shake Troyan again and make even more exciting movie!



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