Summary – 27th of September

Although the end of the Bulgarian Plum Festival is coming, the mood doesn’t subside even for a minute. Entertainment activities don’t stop, workshops are open constantly and the number of those who wish to join is growing with each day. Even we are tempted to start working. And in front of “Retro-photo” is also crowded. Games and amusements for the youngest fans become more intriguing. And the kids fill in the entire square with laughter and shouts of joy.

Also the surprise “Visiting Troyan” started. A beautiful and young Englishwoman from 15th century taking a walk the Troyan streets and questioning the residents what are the most interesting and attractive sightseeing. You will be able to see the answers soon on our web site. Also there you can see Troyan people drinking plum brandy when the blue plums are red and to check out whether snakes drink brandy.

Before that we went to enjoy the works of our literature competition in hall “Forum” in Community Center “Nauka 1870”. The participants performed the best way they could and deservedly received loud applause. Immediately after reading started the introduction of “Troyan plum brandy”, edition 2 by Totyo Totevski. Unlike the first edition, where the writer tells about all the details in making and drinking brandy, edition 2 reveals all about how the “Troyan gold” should be stored. And don’t even think you have some knowledge about that – when you read the book, you might think again.

At 19pm the performance of “Dance group for authentic folklore” at Community Center “Razvitie 1899” started led by Tzvetan Danailo from village Golyama Zhelyazna. After them another ensembles started performing on the scene: Children’s dance group; Female choir Mixed choir; Male vocal group.



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