Edition 2013 spring
Regarding spring edition of Bulgarian Plum Festival

All of you, fans of the Bulgarian, guests and citizens of Troyan, expect the coming spring second edition of the

Bulgarian Plum Festival.

The topics will be related to ecology, and within this spirit trees will be planted and science conferences will taka place.
Anyone wishing to show their talent will have the opportunity to express themselves. As the autumn edition, so and

the spring one will once again revive the artistic and cultural traditions and attract visitors from all generations (people

living in the city, and those who have left long time ago but remember their roots).

Regarding impressions and opinions for Bulgarian Plum Festival

Hey, you, Troyans and dear guests of ours, here comes the end of the autumn edition of Bulgarian Plum Festival and you are still participating in the event as taking part in the inquiry that took place (in the period 01.11.2012 – 08.11.2012).We distributed the survey among residents in different areas of the city and settlements of Municipality of Troyan (Oreshak, Cherni Osam, Beli Osam, Chiflik, Borima and Dalbok Dol) and got some interesting answers and summaries, which gave us some directions and ideas for better work, concerning the organization of the spring edition of the Festival. We surveyed 400 respondents from different social and age groups, young and adults, guests of the city – you were all still carrying the impressions and spirit of the Festival.Summarizing the information from the survey, we could conclude the following:

-      Fortunately most of the respondents (75 %) answered positively to the question “Did you attend the Bulgarian Plum Festival?” Those who were unable to attend point out their reasons, but they also express a positive opinion about the event, and they will for sure attend the spring edition.

-      The evaluation of the usefulness of the event shows that through the Festival the local and national traditions are being preserved; The name of Troyan sounds in the means of mass communication; Positive feedback from the visitors expressed their opinion caressed the ego of Troyans; another pointed benefits are the sound and lighting technics and equipment (maybe the dynamism of the event is liked by the participants in the Festival), disabled ramp and stage; Most remembered festival activities are “Craft Street” and “Retro-photo” (those memories, who doesn’t like to go back in his youth).

Plum Festival significantly brightened the city of Troyan and positively influenced the local economy and forming the city as a tourist destination and platform for artists, traders, manufacturers and craftsmen; A significant number of young people were involved in the various forms of art and art activities. Obviously they missed the dynamism of the bigger city, and by the way ours is not so small; The hotel-keepers and restaurateurs share that within the days of the Festival they enjoyed increased sales and customer flow; nothing more to wish, everybody wants full cash-desks and more revenue.

-      To the question “If it was up to you, what activities would you include in the Plum Festival programme?”, people give suggestions such as fireworks, stands with food, weaving workshop, plum fight and everybody shares what would make him/her delighted or what would impress him/her more.

We are really satisfied that we could make your daily life more vivid and we are grateful you expressed and shared your impressions and opinions.

!!! ПРОМЯНА на Програма на фестивала !!!

Festival has started!
View photos from events!

Welcome to the official opening of the festival on 22nd September 2012, Saturday

!!! Program - NEW 23 September !!!
23rd September 2012, Sunday
11:00 Opening of exhibition about plums and reconstruction of plum brandy distillery Museum of Folk Crafts And Applied Arts, Troyan - open air exhibition
11:00 Presentation Desislava Dimitrova - coordinator of the movement Slow Food Open stage
Razgrad, Еnsemble Kapanska kitka Open stage
Dramatic Theatre - Children's playground - Sevlievo, led by Kalina Ivanova Open stage
12:00 Plum brandy distilling - demonstration and tasting Central square of Troyan, next coffee "Antique"
12:00 Boiling of plum marmalade - demonstration and tasting Central square of Troyan, next coffee "Antique"
Preparation of kachamak - Demonstration and Tasting Central square of Troyan, next coffee "Antique"
19:00 DJ Lizemah - electronic music Open stage
Every day
11:00 – 17:00 Art Studio „Festival symbols” – ceramics Museum of Folk Crafts And Applied Arts, Troyan
11:00 – 17:00 Art Studio „Works from natural materials” Museum of Folk Crafts And Applied Arts, Troyan
11:00 – 17:00 Art Studio „ Festival symbols” - painting and woodcarving Community Center „Nauka-1870” Troyan Municipality Hall
15:00 – 17:00 Projections „Bulgarian Plum Festival 2012” Troyan Municipality Hall
17:00 – 19:00 Retro-photo Museum of Folk Crafts And Applied Arts, Troyan,
Central square of Troyan
During all festival days, works of folk crafts from Troyan and the country will be on display in Ulista Na Zanayatchiyte (Craftsmen Street).

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