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Movie - Plum Festival - spring 2013
Watch the movie dedicated to the SPRING edition of Bulgarian Plum Festival 2013, city of Troyan.

Lots of fun and delicious meals on the last day of the spring edition of the Bulgarian Festival of the Plum

With plenty of entertainment and culinary delights the spring edition of the Bulgarian Festival of the Plum came to an end. The entertainment program on the last day of the festival (27.04.2013) began at 10:00 am, when for the first time Troyan pronounced its first "Chief Master of Plum Brandy" in the face of Stanimir Belomazhev – Troyan’s pride - a champion in ski orienteering for 2013.

It was the new Troyan Chief Mater of Plum Brandy who lit the cauldron of brandy at the central square and launched a day full of fun. The Director of the National Exhibition of Folk arts and crafts in Oreshak Mr. Ivan Chakarov provided the stills for distilling brandy. The brandy mash was provided by Mr. Ivan Dotchev from the Dalbok Dol village and the distillation was carried out by Pavlina Pencheva and Stefan Radev from the Oreshak village.

At 11:30 am at the National Library "Nauka 1870", the Association "Bulgarka" held its traditional Lazaritsa along with the wonderful children of Troyan Municipality who illuminated the square with music, costumes and lovely smiles. The youngest “lazarka” was only 8 months old yet she was also smiling and dressed up with a costume. Children drew on 3 large Easter eggs, and finally all received awards.

At 12.30 the vocal group "Smehorancheta" from Sofia, led by Galia Kodjamanova appeared on stage for a joint concert with the vocal studio "Usmivka" from Troyan, led by Svetlana Chervenkova. The children enchanted the square with their beaming, energetic performances.

At 13:00 we were delighted to gain insight into the diversity and richness of Bulgarian folk costumes from different parts of Bulgaria. The pageant was held in cooperation with the teacher Cvetelina Mutafova and students from "Vasil Levski". The special guests from the Glogovo village - Ivelina and Tonika Andreevi, the voice of Troyan - Virginia Borisova and vocal studio "Usmivka" all complemented the feelings of the audience with their beautiful performances.

At 13:30 the culinary exhibition of traditional dishes from the Troyan region took place. The exhibition was organized by Ivanka Tsarova - cooking teacher and longtime organizer of the culinary competitions for the Festival of the Plum in Troyan, and her students who helped in the selection of the desired temptations.  In the culinary exhibition participated Holiday Village "Ostrova" with its specialties "lamb with aromatic pasta and plums" - a dish that will make your trip to the Beli Osam village totally worth it.

Along with the opening of culinary exhibition in the square were already arranged tables for tasting specialties from Troyan, home prepared by master chefs from different parts of the municipality. Secretary of the library "Napredak" in the village deep gorge Penka Petrova had prepared heated brandy. The ladies of the community center in the village of Beli Osam with chief master Nadka Tsarovska and the help of Yonka Penevska, Anka Boinovska, Velichka Georgieva, Marika Penova Minka Donkova and Donka Bankovska had prepared a dried fruit drink "as a grandmother" and cold Troyan brandy. The Raw material for heated brandy was provided by the Troyan winery “Vinprom Troyan”- one of the sponsors of the festival. Donna Bankova from the Dalbok Dol village had prepared a special appetizer for plum brandy called "white man" by a recipe that you can see in the section on recipes on the Festival website. “Wedding wheat” – a typical Troyan appetizer for brandy was made from Angelina Georgieva from the Glogovo village. Hominy prepare family Mariana Tsoneva, the secretary of the library in Chiflik had prepared “kachamak” by a recipe called "to lick your fingers." The tasty slices of bread were handed out, courtesy of "Bread and Confectionary" Ltd. Troyan, anointed with fragrant raspberry bio jam, provided by Mita Kiratsova’s "SIBA bio".

Of course, one of the most characteristic activities of the Plum Festival is a competition for the best Troyan plum brandy "Troyan master".  The competition was held at 14:30 in a round tent near the stage where the bottles of contestants were arranged and the jury, which was given the honor to taste and evaluate the aromatic brandy was composed of Prof. Dian Georgiev – Director of RIMSA Troyan, Kalin Lazarov - technologist at “Vonprom Troyan” and Ilian Petrakiev - Best Sommelier of Bulgaria for 2013.  The best brandy was elected unanimously and the chosed master became Mr. Vasil Naydenov from the Balkanets village.

However, the entertainment was just beginning. At 15:00 h on the stage went Ensemble "Zagorche" from Stara Zagora, which continued with dancing on the square immediately after the theatrical play "Garbage for Plums."

The Festival visitors had the pleasure to enjoy the humorous theatrical production directed by Stoyan Georgiev and Hristo Botev called "Garbage for Plums." The performance was carried out by 14 young Troyan talents, selected by audition by a competent jury. The young actors performed admirably to the delight of the audience and their families. In the performance were also included the children from the Troyan dance formation "Trayana" and vocal studio "Usmivka" of the National Library "Nauka 1870".

After a fun day at the sunny square in Troyan, came time for the official closing ceremony. The winners in competitions received prizes provided by the hotels "Troyan Plaza", "Sima", "Chateau Monta,", "Casa Art", SPA hotel "Fairy", tavern "Gorski Kut" and "Petrov and son" - a company for unique woodworking chisels. The head of the "Bulgarian Festival of the Plum" project and head of "Culture, education and social activities" in Troyan Municipality – Mrs. Ivanka Dzhabrailova personally hung plum medals and awarded diplomas to each of the winners. Two of the most distinguished volunteers Vyara and Todor had the privilege to assist her on stage.

Vasil Naydenov - winner for best brandy master pulled out the lucky winners from the free raffle for the grand prize of Troyan municipality, as this time there were two additional prizes.

Led by the Festival flags, the officials, including Associate Professor Dian Georgiev – Director of RIMSA Troyan, the new Festival face Stanimir Belomazhev - number one in biathlon and Mrs. Neshka Robeva went on stage. The Mayor of Troyan – Mrs. Donka Mihailova closed the ceremony with a speech.

The Festival anthem sounded live again, performed by the young brass band with cheerleaders, led by Ilian Todorov and head of cheerleading - Mrs. Eleonora Petkovska, along with choir "Planinski zvuci" from the the National Cultural Center "Izgrev 1926" from the Beli Osam village, led by Valentin Mandzhukov - winners of the competition for Festival anthem, as well as the Folklore Ensemble "Trayana" from the National Cultural Center "Nauka 1870" with artistic director and choreographer Ivan Ivanov and Boryana Kancheva - winners on the competition for Dance to the Festival anthem.

According to the already established tradition, the officials and the entire crowd sang the Festival anthem together.  Together with the beautiful sounds of the anthem, the beautiful cheerleaders Nadejda and Valeria carried the flags of Bulgarian Festival of the Plum to the municipality building where they will be carried out again during the opening ceremony of the next Festival in the fall.

The first round folk dance of the final Festival day was led with a smile by the Mayor of Troyan Municipality - Mrs. Mihailova and the Project Manager – Mrs. Dzhabrailova. The celebration ended with a magic show by the name "Meeting in the memory " of the Neshka Robeva dance ensamble.

The sunny spring days of the Bulgarian Festival of the Plum came to an end, but we will see each other again in the fall, with even more humor and ready for even more fun!

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Скъпи приятели и почитатели на Български Фестивал на сливата, гласуването в конкурсите приключи, а ето и кои са победителите:

Фотоконкурс - Десислава Хаджийска
Конкурс за символи на фестивала - Вероника от 4Б клас
Конкурс за анекдот - Д-р Тотю Тотев
Литературен конкурс - Иван Калчев
Конкурс за детска рисунка - Девина

Награждаването ще се състои в събота, 27,04,2013 от 17:30ч на централния площад.

Заповядайте да получите своите награди и заедно да се забавляваме!

Специално за закриването на фестивала ще гостува трупата на Нешка Робева със спектакъл "Среща в Споменът"!
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На 27.04.2013 г. в 17:30 ч. на централния площад в Троян ще се проведе церемонията по награждаване на участниците в конкурсите, както и теглене на томболата.  В случай, че сте участвали в конкурсите или сте подали талон за томболата, заповядайте пред сцената в 17:30 ч., защото може да сте сред печелившите!

Detection of Plum Garden

This year's spring edition of the Bulgarian Festival of the Plum enjoyed a beautiful spring weather, ideal for many of the events that were held outdoors. One such event was the opening of the newly planted Plum Garden at 10th km. on the main road II-35 Troyan - Lovech, near the village Dobrodan, area "Cantona".
The initiative for the planting of plum garden was taken by Troyan Municipality in collaboration with the Research Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and Agriculture, Troyan (RIMSA). The garden will be mentored by the Movement „Two handfuls of water” – an project by students from the "Kliment Ohridski" school in Troyan, who will take care of the garden along with RIMSA. We should not forget to mention the personal contribution to the wonderful state of Plum Garden of Mr. Stoycho Vachevski, who is an accountant  for the project "Conducting an innovative cultural event in Troyan Municipality - Bulgarian Plum Festival" with the financial support of Operative Program "Regional Development" 2007-2013, financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and the municipality of Troyan. The garden is also marked with information boards for your information and orientation.
During the opening on 25.04.2013, as part of the spring edition of the Bulgarian Festival of the Plum,  the guests whitnessed a perfect garden, well leveled and blooming with plum saplings.
The Deputy Mayor of Troyan - Mrs. Polya Dimova personally planted one of the trees and treated the the guests with bread and honey, so as to wish that the fruits of the garden be sweet and ripe.
The Plum Garden is visible on the main Troyan-Lovech road, so be sure to visit it when you have time or when you are travelling on this road.

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