"Garbage for Plums"

Results from the casting for choice of talents to participate in the theater play "Garbage for Plums" during the Bulgarian Festival of the Plum 2013

On 03.05.2013 in the National Cultural Center "Nauka 1870" in Troyan, began casting for the selection of participants in the theatrical play "Garbage for Plums," which will be part of a colorful program of the spring edition of the Bulgarian Plum Festival in 2013 Troyan.

"Garbage for Plums" is a humorous theatrical with director - Stoyan Georgiev and screenwriter - Hristo Botev. In order to select local talents a competition was organized in which the locals of Troyan Municipality had the opportunity to participate. The contest was designed to provide an opportunity for interested youth and adults to express their theatrical abilities to the public during the festival. For the purposes of the play "Garbage for Plums" there needed to be made a selection of 14 participants who would be given the script, trained in drama and fully prepared for their appearance before the festival audience.

Among the 20 attending candidates a competent jury with members: Stoyan Georgiev – director, Hristo Botev - playwright and Vihra Petrova - actor in amateur theater, selected 14 participants who will fill the seats for the necessary roles in the play. Th show will also involve more children from Dance Formation “Trayana” at the National Cultural Center "Nauka 1870" and vocal studio "Usmivka". Here are the names of the actors who will be able to see in "Garbage for Plums" during the Bulgarian Plum Festival 2013:

  1. Nikoleta Dikova  10 years old
  2. Teodor Kunchev    10 years old
  3. Delyan Dokov     9 years old
  4. Natalia Nacheva  10 years old
  5. Galya Dimitrova  9 years old
  6. Tsvetelina Marinova  9 years old
  7. Ventsislav Vulkov 18 years old
  8. Mirela Sirakova   13 years old
  9. Bogosveta Tosheva  12 years old
  10. Vasileva Disanska  13 years old
  11. Lachezar Nikolov  15 years old
  12. Vanessa Valentinova  10 years old
  13. Miroslav Petrov   11 years old
  14. Liana Baleva     10 years old



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