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Галерия Серякова къщаIn 1991 the Seryakova House building, home of George Seryakov (Gio), who was Botev’s rebel and died in 1876 at Milin Kamak in the Vratsa Balkan, was provided to the Trojan artists Company to be their headquarters and to be used as an Art Gallery.

For 20 years over 16 exhibitions annually were organized there. The works of local and visiting artists were shown; meetings with intellectuals were held; poetic, musical evenings and other cultural events took place.
The gallery has 5 exhibition halls; an office that provides comprehensive information and promotional materials about each author. There is a stand for ceramic, textile and other souvenirs, and Art Club Café suitable for artists and art lovers meetings.
The gallery works with artists from Bulgaria and abroad. It is visited by about 5,000 visitors Annually - artists, patrons, students, Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

Today, the Troyan Artists Society has about 55 masters of brush and clay.
Annually there are three traditional exhibitions of the Company: Easter (on the eve of Easter) Autumn Salon (on the eve of St. Petko - Feast of Troyan) and Christmas Bazaar (on Christmas Eve).

Галерия Серякова къща Галерия Серякова къща

Galleriya Seryakova Kashta
Druzhestvo na troyanskite hudozhnitsi
5600 Troyan, ul. Angel Kanchev 6
Tel: +359670 / 6 28 77, +359 / 879 262 877
e-mail: mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Place
Seryakova House Gallery is exactly what the noble façade promises: style, comfort, own atmosphere. The five exhibition halls, the gallery office, the souvenir stand, the Art Club Café offer their hospitality to anyone who chooses to run away for a while from the tiring pace of everyday life. Here one may look at the latest exhibition, find long-sought gift, meet valueable people or just enjoy a relaxing sip of coffee. Seryakova House is one of the Troyan islands of spirituality and urban life.

The people
Seryakova House is the headquarters of the Troyan Artists Society, which has about 50 masters of brush and clay. Chairman of the Company is the famous Troyan potter Encho Gankovski. Soul of the house is the gallerist Mariela Shoshkova who inputs a lot of energy and love to keep this place as a true home of art and good taste. The gallery works with artists from Sofia, Pleven, Lovech and other towns. Every year about 5,000 visitors - artists, patrons, students, Bulgarian and foreign tourists pass through it. Art Club hosts are able to meet in style. You will not meet random people in Seryakova house.

Author: Nellie Genkova



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